Congratulations to our Season 5 finalists!

Five finalist teams have been chosen to go on to the live, virtual event during MINEXCHANGE 2021 SME Annual Conference and Expo.  The event will be March 4, 2021, 8:30 am to 10:00 am MT.  Meet the finalists here.

Team American Mine (Colombia):  Ana María Salé Duarte, Andrea Katherine Martínez, Heyleen Mildreth Palencia Velasco, and Sandrith Adnnelly Torrado Sánchez.

Team Children’s Mining Pavilion (Mexico):  Elizabeth Araux.

Team ComMINEnity (Ecuador):  Ana Cruz, Vanessa Díaz, and Cynthia Saltos.

Team Mining Education (Peru):  Ariana Fatima Arteaga Pastor, Carlos Alberto Saldaña Becerra, Ericka Andrea Chulle Dios, Ruth Abigail Cueva Esquivel, and Junior Marquinho Delgado Siete.

Team Mining Museum:  Mining for Your Life (Colombia):  Daniel Valencia Cruz, Julián Chacón López, Luis Alejandro Rivas Mosquera, Juan Pablo Carmona Perez, and Paubla Andrea Gallego López.



Move Mining is a dynamic competition aimed at elevating the perception of mining. From grassroots to global, teams pitch their best ideas on how to share the everyday importance of mining with the public.

All About Mining

Focusing on an industry that impacts every aspect of our lives, with a focus to educate and promote the power of mining.

Creativity Leading Change

The power to change the perception of mining on a global level through creativity, design, and ingenuity.

Your Talents – Redefined

Professional and personal growth by showcasing and demonstrating your passion for the industry through your concept.

Exploring New Possibilities

It’s more than a competition, it’s about meeting and learning about the industry and the professionals that make the industry great.

Making Connections

Working with friends and coworkers to develop winning ideas and execute concepts that will make a lasting impact.

Dynamic Event

A dynamic event that brings excitement and intrigue to the SME Annual Conference & Expo where the finalist teams showcase their concepts.